Cancellation Policy with Allegro Sailing, LLC:

We understand that booking in advance, you never know what the weather may be. Allegro Sailing will never sail or fish into inclement weather. We have been able to reschedule a few trips for our visiting guest. Our goal is to give you the best sailing and fishing adventures possible. If we believe that the weather will not be pleasant for your trip we will either reschedule or refund your booking fee. If the captain deems the weather is likely to be unacceptable, he will try and contact you at least 2 hours prior to departure. We advise our out of town guest to book early during there vacation, so they can have a fall back date if the weather is not good on the day they had booked.


By making and maintaining a reservation with Allegro Sailing, LLC you agree to the following terms and conditions. Each person(s) must cancel directly with Allegro Sailing, LLC by voice and email at least 72 hours prior to the reserved departure time and date to receive any refund or to not be charged the full balance to Allegro Sailing, LLC. If you cancel within 72 hours, the full amount due to Allegro Sailing, LLC will be retained or charged to the reservation credit card, unless you have a serious, unavoidable, confirmed emergency that prevents attendance (as fairly judged valid by Allegro Sailing, LLC management).


If any person(s) is a "no-show" - the full amount will be retained or charged to the reservation credit card and no refunds are available. Only the professional mariners at Allegro Sailing, LLC may cancel or delay a trip because of weather conditions. If the captain cancels a trip for any reason, there is no charge to you by Allegro Sailing, LLC, or you are entitled to a complete refund or you will have the next chance to reschedule. Allegro Sailing, LLC is not responsible to obtain a refund of any money held by a third party, other than "FareHarbor". If you and Allegro Sailing, LLC agree to a rescheduled departure time and/or date, then these same terms apply to that new reservation. Any requests for a post-trip refund for any reason or reports of any trip deficiency will only be made by you by voice directly to Allegro Sailing, LLC management within 1 hour after the end of the trip to be eligible for any compensation.


Each person making a reservation insures that each person reserved is responsible, and will exercise personal due care for their ultimate health, safety and welfare while onboard, boarding and disembarking the vessel ALLEGRO or PROFISHINSEA, and during any trip activities, and will inform the Captain by the trip commencement or as soon as possible of any issues that could in any way negatively impact other’s or their own personal health, safety and welfare at anytime during the trip. Passengers shall refrain from showing up overly intoxicated or becoming overly intoxicated during the trip, as judged by the Captain and crew. Overly intoxicated passengers may be refused boarding and / or alcohol with no refunds available and / or the full charge due shall be paid immediately by the reserved party.