Fishing Frequently asked questions:

What should I bring.

Sunscreen pre-applied, sunglasses (polarized best), hat, camera, and always a jacket. Your favorite drinks and snacks. Sorry, Alcoholic beverages are not permitted due to insurance restrictions.

What type of shoes should I wear?

Please wear soft-sole shoes (light colored soles best). Flip Flops, open shoes or bare feet should be avoided due to hooks, teeth and fins which are inherent with fishing.

Do I need a Life Jacket?

No, our vessel is equipped with Type I USCG life jackets. Each jacket is equipped with a Safety whistle and emergency light. Children must be at least 50lbs to wear one.

Do you serve food on board?

No, but there is complimentary bottled water and pre-packaged snacks that will be on board for you enjoyment.

Do I need a Fishing License?

No, A fishing license is not required, we have a boat license. Fishing is done by trolling lures on the "Reef Runner" trip and dropping baits to the bottom on the "Dog Island Drop" trip. We supply all tackle and will clean any catch.

Are gratuities included in the price?

Allegro Sailing does not add gratuities to the price of the fishing trip. However, if you feel our captain & crew have done an exceptional job, gratuities are always appreciated.

Will I see Dolphins?

We often see dolphins, but not every day. Like all wild animals, it is up to them when they want to be seen. On lucky days they will come right up to the boat and play.

Can I drink alcohol aboard?

No, due to insurance restrictions alcoholic beverages can not be brought aboard "ProFishinSea".

Is there a bathroom aboard?

Unfortunately No! There is no bathroom aboard our fishing boat. Like camping, if you have to go head for the woods, or in this case the edge of the boat or a bucket. We recommend that you use the facilities ashore before we get underway.

Can I get seasick during a trip?

It is possible and a few people get seasick. However, if you are prone to sea sickness, or have never been on a boat, it would be wise to take a sea sickness preventative at least one hour before the trip. Since you are chartering the entire boat its your call if you want to return early.

Is smoking permitted?

No, "ProFishinSea" is a non smoking vessel. due to the inherent windy conditions and the flammability of fiberglass, smoking is not permited. Vape and electronic Cigarettes are permitted as long as there is no flame.

What may I not bring aboard?

  Aerosol/spray sunscreens (which can make the deck slippery)
Any goods or articles of a flammable or dangerous nature, weapons, controlled or prohibited substances, illicit drugs, or any living creatures or plants.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

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